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It's simple…we’re here to change the world, one child, at a time through community outreach services...WHY, because our world depends on them.

Sometimes in life, we take the simple, everyday needs of life for granted without thinking twice. Some children go to bed hungry, some go outside without a warm coat or shoes that properly fit their feet, well others may be going to school in torn and beat-up "hand-me-downs" that first day.  As for having simple school supplies to help change their future, well those types of items fall to the bottom of the shopping list along with presents under a Christmas tree.

So what makes Giving Back Warm Hugs different, well that’s pretty simple...WE’RE GOING to make a difference in the lives of children, change their worlds and in return they will grow up and change our world for others.

Giving Back Warm Hugs Nonprofit Corporation is a 501(c)(3) charity that was “dreamt up" back in 2012 by 5 little kids ranging in age from 4 to 15 years but didn't become an official charity until 2018, this brother and his 4 sister team had a vision and began to lay out a plan on how they were going to change the child at a time. 

The name Giving Back Warm Hugs describes a mother's love, that tight hug that she gives her child, letting them know that she will always be there to comfort and support them in life, the same kind of love, comfort, and support that these kids have for other children in this world. 

So what started off as a simple prayer has grown into something much bigger through simple community outreach projects, these kids have successfully changed the lives of countless children, they've walked hundreds of miles in search of those who've needed help and have a strong desire to do so much more through this nonprofit, their prayers and the prayers of others, and now through your purchase of FIZZY FRIENDZ BATH BOMB, LLC products...this is just the beginning!!


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2023 North Carolina

Governor's Medallion Award

2022 Fayetteville's

Keys to the City

2023 Fayetteville Chamber's

Nonprofit of the Year 

Media Coverage

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"My daughter uses the magical tears shampoo and conditioner every time she washes her hair. Her hair looks healthy and shiny and it smells good. My kids love Fizzy Friendz Bath Bomb products."

Stephanie Foland

"Christmas presents here. Everyone gets a fizzy bath or shower. House smells wonderful. Did not have to wait for ships to be unloaded in California."


"Preparing for my grandbabies visit. We are celebrating Christmas early. After filling stocking with See's candy. I added dragon and unicorn soaps to stockings to show parents stocking are balanced. I also put in cat and ferret room to keep rooms smelling fresh. Of course I also bathe with them after working in the petting zoo. Multi purpose uses."


"My girls love all of the designs and scents with Fizzy Friendz! Great customer service! Can't wait for the next market!"

Stephanie Cameron

"What amazing products!!! The bath bombs are fabulous, smell heavenly. The two ladies I have dealt with in this company are an inspiration to the world. We need many more people like them! Fantastic products and the customer service is second to none!"

Lauren Baker

"We love the bath bombs! My boys always love going to Dirtbags on Sunday just to pick our bath bombs. We love the surprises in each one! Great customer service too."


"Without a doubt, Fizzy Friendz have the best smelling bath bombs! I love their many fragrances. My grandkids love to get them. So colorful and pretty. They make great gift ideas!! Their customer service is impeccable. It's a pleasure to talk to them. Can't say enough. Try them and see what I mean! You will love them! 

Grandmama Segui

"Best charms jewelry and girls in the world love wearing my favorite Ring and favorite bunnies and elephant charm ordering more this week love the girls.."

Chelse Lebatard

"We love buying these bath bombs every Sunday at the farmers market! My daughter absolutely loves the bath bombs! Each comes with a toy which she enjoys playing with during bath time! The girls and the lady that runs this nonprofit organization are amazing! We come every Sunday and sometimes they send us home with more than we purchased! My daughter looks forward to seeing them every Sunday at Dirtbag Ales! She runs right up to the booth and selects her 5 color choices for the week!!!"

Amanda Bishop

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